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This is the idea behind proxy-based microbrowsers like Opera Mini that download the optimized and compressed version of web pages through dedicated proxy servers.

However, web pages viewed on a mobile via a proxy-based microbrowser are rarely specifically designed for a mobile phone, so it is left up to the proxy server and browser to decide what to compress, what to display, and how to display it, which, unlike the version of the site, may not necessarily be how the web page owner intends for the mobile audience.

Providing content tailored to particular devices can be done by other means than a specific TLD, such as using hostnames within an existing domain, HTTP content negotiation, cascading style sheets, or other forms of adaptation.

There are technical solutions that provide similar benefits as : compressing/downsampling proxy servers and microbrowsers, like Opera Mobile, which can tailor any website to small display (using Small Screen Rendering technique).

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Sending text messages by SMS is also the fallback when an i Message doesn’t send for whatever reason.

Dot Mobi domain names have been available for registration by the public since 26 September 2006.